What we do

For +10 years we have used game technology and game design to develop solutions that engage, educate and entertain.

We are not married to a specific approach, but use our extensive experience to choose the right tools for the task at hand.

Our key differentiator is a deep understanding of games, simulations, learning and technology across technologies, platforms and hype.

We choose the technology and platform that is best suited to develop your solution - whether it is browser-based, an app, a physical installation or virtual reality.

Branding & marketing

Computer games cut through the noise of traditional marketing, presenting your marketing efforts in new ways that actually make the consumer want to spend time on it.

Education & children

Game-based-learning forces the user to take an active approach to learning with rapid feedback and clear consequences leading to higher engagement and improved learning.

Training & simulation

Game mechanics, and technology allows for high-fidelity interactive training at a competitive price in a flexible framework that lead to higher engagement and improved learning.

Research projects

Keeping us sharp

We base our work on research, and are constantly active in several agenda setting research projects

User experience

Functional beauty

We care about the users, and strive to make beautiful games that work.

Technically superior

Build it right

+100 serious games project under the belt always choosing best suited technical solution


We get you there.

We make it come to life, through precise execution and planning.

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About SGI

Serious Games Interactive is an award-winning, research-based developer of games, simulations, and virtual worlds.


We offer a unique blend of competencies within games and learning.

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What our Clients say...

We work with a lot of different companies, large and small, and we've helped them with tons of different games.

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British American Tobacco

British American Tobacco

British American Tobacco

"By indirectly assessing students during the game we could fast-track strong candidates through our recruitment scheme which ended up in several job offers, and at a fraction of our normal recruitment cost."

Wiktor Hjelm, Project Manager



"This is the third time we have worked with SGI on the development of an online game for the target group of 7-10 year olds. Every time it has been a pleasure. They are competent, creative and very professional - as easy to work with."

Kirsten Selsmark from the Danish Foreign Ministry
Maersk Group

Maersk Group

Maersk Group

"New times calls for new measures, and with the computer game we want to tell the story of an extremely innovative business that the entire world is dependent upon... and at the same time give all interested the best opportunity to experience the underground"

Claus Hemmingsen, CEO Maersk Drilling



"The game is not mandatory but still the vast majority of new employees complete it before their first day at work. This means the employee already has a good overview of the organization when they start work."

Jette Husum, Senior Consultant


We’ve won several awards for our work, such as:

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